Samhain. A time to reflect, plan and celebrate.

Samhain. A time to reflect, plan and celebrate.

And so the Wheel turns to Samhain and we are reminded that things begin from endings. As the farmer takes in the last of this years harvest, they start to plan the next one, knowing that over the darker, colder months, the soil will regenerate and renew, ready for the next crop. How can we apply this to our lives? What is ending in our lives or what has already come to an end but we are still holding on to? What do we want to “grow” next year and how can we use the next couple of months to prepare? It’s time to go inwards and spend some time thinking about what we need to let go, what has finished, what has “died”. There is no better time to reflect and plan.

Truly Artisan Samhain

Take some time to celebrate the parts of you that have ended... friendships, relationships, projects, beliefs, ideas, etc and let them go, taking onboard the lessons that each of them has taught you. Use the darkness of the months ahead to renew and recharge so that you can so your seeds on intention come the Spring. Just as the farmer is planning next years crops, think about what you want to achieve.

And finally, celebrate he loved ones that are no longer with us. Think of the times that you shared, look at old photos and be grateful for the memories that you cherish.

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