How can we apply the spirit of Imbolc to our modern lives

How can we apply the spirit of Imbolc to our modern lives

This week the Wheel of the Year turns to Imbolc, the ancient fire festival celebrated from sunset in Feb 1st to sunset on Feb 2nd. The word Imbolc mean "in the navel" which is a reference to the beginning of the lambing season and the early signs of Spring. 

Even though we are still in Winter, change is in the air as the days get lighter and warmer, the ice is thawing making way for the lush green shoots of the Spring bulbs and fertility evident in the natural world. 

January has been a time to rest and recharge, to slow down and reflect on the year before. Now we have arrived in February and the vibe is "a time to sow". It is at this time when we are urged to start to plan the year ahead... What do we want to achieve? Who do we want to be? What do we need to change in order to reach our goals? What has the darkness of the Winter months taught us? In the natural world, the earth is thawing, allowing for the seeds and bulbs to push forward. This is the energy we should be bringing into our own lives... What are we ready to awaken in our lives?

Being a fire festival, Imbolc, is a time for cleaning and purification. This is the perfect time to start clearing our and getting your personal affairs in order. It's time to get rid of what is broken, what no longer serves a purpose and what has is no longer needed. It's also a great time to look at what needs to change... is it time to eat healthier or start a new healthier routine?

Nature is stirring and awakening, reflecting this in our own lives is what matters now, What is awakening within us? What are you looking to create this year?

How can we apply the energy of Imbolc to our modern lives?

For me, this is the time when I do my planning, my goal setting and when I ramp up my daily habits. Light a candle to honour the returning of the light and contemplate...

1. What has the long, dark Winter taught you? What are you willing to release and let go of in order to push forward with your dreams.

2. This is the time to sow. As the farmer is planning what to sow for the year ahead, this is the time for you to think about what dreams are stirring within you and what goals you are going to set.

3. With the vibe of January being relax and recharge, this is now the time to gently emerge and ready to push forward with your goals.

This is the perfect time to embrace the lighter and warmer days, get out in nature and witness the magic of Spring.

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