Choosing the right Cleansing Bar for you

Choosing the right Cleansing Bar for you

Our 100% natural Cleansing Bars were the first soaps that we produced way back in 2020. We wanted to create a facial wash that was free from excess packaging and we worked hard to formulate a soap that was delicate enough for the face yet packed with plant power to cleanse the skin.

Each Cleansing Bar in our collection is packed with olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil and cocoa butter which results in a rich lather that loosens dirt, makeup residue and environmental pollution. Wrapped simply in wax paper and labels, there is very little waste and zero plastic waste. Fragranced with premium essential oils, each bar is free from synthetic fragrance and added colourants. 

Which Cleansing Bar is right for you?

Dry and mature skin types.

Our Pink Clay Cleansing Bar is fragranced with geranium rose and patchouli essential oil to give it a beautifully floral scent as well as calming and soothing properties. Pink clay has a softening and toning effect on the skin making it ideal all skin types and particularly for mature skins.

Combination skin types.

Does you skin need a detox and some TLC? Green clay has detoxifying and absorbent properties, it draws out impurities, cleanses the skin and helps to normalise sebum production. We add lemon and grapefruit essential oils to purify and cleanse the skin plus fennel and juniper essential oils to help calm any blemishes. Try our Green Clay Cleansing Bar.

Oily and teenage skin types.

Tea tree and lemon essential oils are known for their cleaning and antiseptic properties and are perfect for teenage skin and oily skin types. As well as removing impurities, activated charcoal helps to reduce blemishes and cleanse your skin. It's microfine particle size means it gets into all the nooks and crannies, ensuring a deep cleanse, absorbing excess oils, minimising pores and removing toxins. Suffering from breakouts? Activated Charcoal Cleansing Bar is the one for you.


Are the Cleansing Bars vegan? Yes, 100% vegan and made in small batches using our own bespoke recipes and the finest natural ingredients.

Can the Cleansing Bars be used to remove make-up? We always recommend removing your makeup with our Cleansing Oil and then washing away any residual makeup with our Cleansing Bar.

What is the difference between soap and a Cleansing Bar? Well full transparency, they are both soaps however the formulation of the Cleansing Bar is richer, the lather is both cleansing and hydrating giving you that fresh clean feeling without that tight feeling shop bought soap can often give.

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