Samhain - What's in the blend?

Samhain - What's in the blend?

As the Wheel turns to Samhain and we welcome the darker half of the year, it’s officially cosy season. It’s time to draw the curtains and light those seasonal candles that bring a sense of cosiness... it’s time to get comfortable and warm.

Our Samhain Candle (and new hand cream) is fragranced with a mystical blend of frankincense, orange, and patchouli essential oils. A combination that was created by myself in the Truly Artisan workshop making it exclusive to our collection. The blend comprises a 100% natural blend of essential oils, each with its own aromatherapy quality...

Frankincense - a base note that blends wonderfully with orange and has soothing and calming qualities. There is also an element of mood boosting with frankincense too which is why it works so well with orange.

Orange - is expressed from the fruit's peel and is known for energising and uplifting with its citrus aroma. Help banish the autumn blues with this wonderfully reviving blend.

Patchouli – its musky aroma adds an air of mystery to this blend and brings with it calming and balancing properties.

Samhain is available in a candle and our new hand cream.

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