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"Manifesting is the current buzz word, but in all honesty I was manifesting Truly Artisan before I even heard about manifestation. At sixteen years old, I had two dreams (one just wasn't enough) and one of them to make collection of cruelty-free, natural cosmetics. Almost 30 years later, in 2020, my partner and I launched Bee Happy Hive which would morph in Truly Artisan.

  • We're truly cruelty free

    Being a cruelty free business is so important to us. Our ethos is simple, all of our products are formulated using ingredients that have not been tested on animals. Find out more in our blog.

  • Bespoke recipes

    All of the products in our collection are formulated using our own bespoke recipes. Each product is handmade in in small batches using the finest natural ingredients and lots of love. Each product in our collection has a Cosmetic Product Safety Report.

  • Nature knows best

    All of our products are formulated with plant-based ingredients including essential oils, seed oils and nut butters. We believe that our plant-powered products will transform your skin and hair. All of our products are free from synthetic fragrance and colours. A full list of our ingredients can be found on our product pages.

  • Simple packaging

    Packing is one of the biggest contributors to cost and waste. From the very beginning we have always used simple and recyclable packaging to help keep costs down and to eliminate and unnecessary waste. Our orders are sent out using no fuss, totally recyclable packaging and they are dispatched with DPD's carbon neutral delivery service.

Our journey continues...

The last four years have been an absolute rollercoaster. We launched the business at the start of lockdown and navigated our way through that. Then we had to deal with supply chain issues, rising costs and the issues around Brexit. We have been through the post-lockdown boom with the return of the markets and the rush to get out and shop. This was followed closely by the fuel crisis and the Cost Of Living Crisis plus inflation and the other issues around the recession.

2023 and been the hardest year to navigate and it has been heart breaking to see so many small (and larger) businesses hit the wall. One thing was clear at the start of the year, we had to change in order to avoid being another statistic of the current economic climate.

  • We have stopped doing artisan markets and events. The market place is saturated and we cannot risk wasting anymore money on events that are not curated properly. Fingers crossed we will be back on the road soon.
  • In a bid to scale back on the amount of stock that we need to carry, we have refined our collection to the twelve bestselling products for the first wave of the relaunch.
  • Our new website is easier to manage and has been designed to bring our customers closer to the brand and help them explore of collection in a fresh way.

We are forever grateful for the support of our customers and friends. In the darkest moments of 2023, when we felt like jacking it in, many of you reached out asking about our products and telling us how much you loved them. This gave us the light we needed and the hope to push on with the relaunch. Thank you.

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Fancy learning how to make artisan candles or skincare? Look out for our next workshop dates.

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