What does "Planet Positive" actually mean?

What does "Planet Positive" actually mean?

Planet Positive is the term that we give to our planet conscious ethos. But what does it actually mean? 

Well quiet simply, it summarises the principles by which we conduce our business.

Our "Planet Positive" Ethos...

  1. All of the products in our collection are made with ingredients that are verified as not tested on animals. 
  2. Our products are presented in no-fuss, recyclable packaging which reduces costs and limits waste.
  3. We carefully source our ingredients from suppliers that work with global communities offering a fair price for their products.
  4. We have never used single plastics in our business and we recycle as much our inbound packaging as possible
  5. Our orders are shipped out in no-fuss, fully recyclable packaging and they are dispatched using DPD's carbon neutral delivery service
  6. Our partnership with Ecologi means that we automatically donate money from each online order to their global reforestation program. You can check our progress here
  7. When it comes to formulating our products, we do not use any animal derived products except beeswax and honey
  8. Where possible we have removed single use paper from our business. Your order will not come with an packing note or invoice as they have already been emailed to your inbox.
  9. We have reduced the number of markets and events that we do so that we can reduce our carbon foot print. When possible, we do our local deliveries when we can combine multiple trips. 
  10. Synthetic fragrances, colours and preservatives have no place in our business. This reduced the amount of toxins that are released into our eco system.
  11. Each of our products contains a full list of ingredients to give our customers an insight to exactly what they are putting on their skin.
  12. We see our role as a small, planet conscious business to use our social media platforms to promote sustainability and green issues. We are committed to using our power as a business to drive change and promote our green thinking and values to our followers. 

The next chapter...

We know that we are not perfect. We are a small business with big green ideas but we are committed to change and to doing better.

  • We intend to launch a totally vegan and organic skincare range by the end of 2024
  • We are currently looking to replace all of our packaging with a UK or European based solution to reduce the carbon footprint of our packaging
  • We are constantly reviewing our practices to a help us save energy and water
  • As an online business it is impossible for us to offer a refill service but we are looking at refill options for our products
  • We are looking into the impact that our website and it's hosting has on the planet.
  • We intend to use our voice to promote green thinking and values to your followers and customers. We intend to share our knowledge and encourage others to get involved.

If you have any questions about our plant conscious ethos, please email Mark at trulyartisanskincare@gmail.com 

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